A quote by Heraclitus says, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

Throughout our whole lives, we are constantly in change. Sometimes even not consciously. We all have dreams about the life we want to live. To some this means a lot of travelling, a feeling of freedom and independence. To others it might mean a calm and balanced life with the beloved one and the children in a big house. Or even a job for a particular company in a particular position. We all have dreams, but the reality is different. So, how do we go from our current lives to the desired ones? How do we implement the change?

Many people don’t know exactly what they want to make out of their lives. So, they want to find out or at least start searching. Because it can’t go on this way anymore. It is time for change. We can feel the need for it! We want it! So, where do we start? And how?

Can we change if we do not know who we are? Probably, not every one of us can answer the question “Who are you?” promptly and honestly. Is it worth looking for the answer then? It sure is! Why? I believe that only then we can be “complete and free”.

You will not become Superman after a coaching session with me. I will not make your dreams come true or fulfill your wishes. I am not a magician. You alone can become an explorer and transformer of your own life. You can also order it the way you want to.

My coaching can raise new questions for you as well as provide you with new perspectives. You will get closer to the answers you are looking for. This might pull you out of your comfort zone. This might help you (re)discover yourself.

Building the bridge towards your new ME is possible. I believe in YOU.