Initial interview

Before we start working together, we should mutually check if we match each other. This happens during our first conversation. This conversation is always free and non-binding and usually lasts between 15 minutes and one and a half hours. In this first conversation, we will discuss what you would like to achieve with my help, how long you would like the sessions to be and what format for the sessions you prefer (personal communication, phone conversations, etc.)…All this is necessary so that, in the end, we can mutually decide whether we match each other or not.

I believe that the process of coaching is successful only when there is trust, respect, honesty and desire for collaboration between us. As a warranty for this on my side, I use the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF), which Code I am obliged to comply with as a member of the Federation. And which Code I follow every single day. Coaching is a partnership between me, as a coach, and you, as a client. There must be chemistry between us.

After this initial conversation, you will be able to make a decision whether you would like to work with me or not. The same applies to me – I will be able to assess whether I would be able to provide you with the help you need. This is a mutual decision.

If we both agree to work together, we will specify our future meetings and…the adventure begins…