What exactly is motivation? One of the definitions is “force, continuity and direction of desire for change towards a particular goal”.

There are probably as many ways for motivation as there people on Earth. Do we have the same intentions and values, the same incentives as our friends and relatives do? It doesn’t have to be…
You probably have the feeling that life goes by and You do not have the strength to start participating actively. You are acquiescent – you just have too much to do and ONLY 24 hours available. Because of work and responsibilities at home, there is hardly any time for anything more… This cannot go on anymore. IT CAN’T!

There are statements that you hear so often that you start to get nauseous at some point: “Get out of your comfort zone…,” “If your desire is strong enough, you can achieve anything…,” words, words, words. It all sounds so simple, but when the time for action comes, fear walks in. Insecurity. Doubt.

Or maybe you have amazing plans for the future. Where you will be in 5 years…in 10 years, what you will do, what car you will drive, what you will have been through. You can imagine everything crystal clear! And you shall start working on your plans next week. So now, despite having so much to do, you have also decided to start visiting the gym again… That intention of yours is from 2 months ago…or more, isn’t it?! Since then, something new, important and urgent keeps coming up. You have lost your wings and you are not flying anymore You are just getting by – as ALWAYS. Only the bitter taste lingers on – you failed once again.

You want to turn your plans into reality AT ALL COSTS. You need someone who not only encourages you but stays by your side. Shoulder to shoulder. Someone who supports you when you need it. Who challenges you in every aspect, even when you don’t expect it.

I believe that we possess everything we need to make our dreams come true. Resources and obstacles. Strengths and weaknesses. We just forget about all this sometimes. We forget to dream!

Are you ready for an adventure?

My coaching can give you self-confidence!
My coaching can get you closer to yourself, closer to what you really are!
My coaching can make your “Why” clearly identifiable!
Start dreaming!