Nowadays, everyone talks about leadership It is probably trendy. Everywhere you can hear and read about what abilities, knowledge and qualities today’s leaders must possess. Advice on how you can become the best leader in the world… And what the differences between a leader and a manager are.

So, what exactly is leadership For me Leadership is ability and will to inspire people to do their best – without expectations. The ability and will to help them achieve more than you. The ability and will to give more than you receive. The ability and will to have people who believe in you and are ready to do anything – not for you, but for themselves.

Being a leader is not a title! Everyone CAN be a leader. Not everyone HAS to be one. So, You DON’T NEED to hold a leading position while you climb your career ladder. This role does not fit everyone!

If you are already in this role and you don’t feel good, but you are afraid to take action, my coaching can give you a push towards the desired change.

There are people who are leaders (by job description and by authority). And there are people who lead!

I know what it is to not have a leader at work – to merely have a manager. The manager only takes care of the tasks that have to be completed and employees are just the “tools” for the completion. Enough! I believe we need a change! ! I believe in true leaders! I believe that true leaders are the people who can really make a difference!

Leaders are the embodiment of the company’s values and incremental beliefs.
Leaders cause changes and are always at the front.
Leaders are “the tools” of their subordinates.
Leaders are brave enough to make mistakes and to admit them. Und diese zuzugeben.
Self-development is the philosophy of leaders’ lives.

Are you ready to be true leaders? Can you imagine yourself been such kind of person?

My coaching can help you identify which values are important to you and why, as well as which beliefs help you and which don’t. It can help you recognize your blind spots. I will be a bridge between your “old self” and the new one. So you can be the leader who changes the game!